For over a decade, Entext has provided global institutional investors with distinctive asset allocation and thematic research. We seek actionable insights that challenge the market consensus and have a demonstrable track record in identifying key secular trends as well as tactical cross-asset inflection points, amid the confirmation bias that typifies much sell-side analysis. 


​For example, in the early 2016  deflation panic, we turned bullish on EM local currency and US junk debt, and value over momentum. Coming into 2017, we moved short USD and long equity growth over value, and long EM over DM (focused on North Asia and tech). Into 2018, we closed the EM overweight, moved short Asian tech on our 'peak smartphone' thesis and long volatility/USD. In 2019, key contrarian calls included going long cyclical value in Q3, in anticipation of US recession fears peaking.

This year, we warned clients from late January that the consensus was underestimating China's lockdown impact and global pandemic risks, then highlighting the prospect of a liquidity fuelled rebound to new highs from March.


Thematic coverage of key structural trends via baskets of 6-8 liquid large cap names complements our asset allocation research. In 2019, these themes returned from 44% for cyber-security, 53% for AI data analytics, 44% for gaming and 47% for the 'embedded intelligence' group of semi/sensor names.


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Access is also available by request via other leading financial data platforms including Refinitiv and FactSet

Proven Alpha Generation

Our analysis is designed to be highly actionable via specific and typically non-consensus market insights. 


A sample track record of contrarian, uncorrelated ideas over recent years is available.

Cohesive Multi-Asset Analysis  

We seek to cut through market noise to identify critical trends and inflection points in relative performance - and make that process an incisive and stimulating read.

Our Weekly Insight note covers key structural themes and tactical opportunities. Clients regard the analysis as  unusually wide ranging, asset agnostic and coherent.

 Macro Impact of Technology 


Understanding the macro and portfolio construction implications of key technology trends such as the digital consumption 'metaverse' is a key  differentiating feature of our analysis.


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