What We Do

Incisive Global Tactical Asset Allocation and Thematic Research

Our Approach

Firstly, what we don't do - forecasts of GDP, inflation or any other macro variables, focusing instead on consensus expectations for evidence of looming 'narrative shifts'  and data inflection points as leading indicators of asset allocation flows. We overlay our fundamental asset views with percentile ranked long-term positioning data to generate timely, high-probability market views.


Most top-down analysis is overly focused on near-term data noise, rarely connecting the powerful underlying investment forces from demographic decline to the rise of the dematerialized 'algorithm economy' which have driven structurally low inflation, fixed investment demand and bond yields as well as the growing dominance of a US/China tech oligopoly. 


Our core product is an in-depth and highly readable 9-12 page weekly note, covering any topic or theme which we think most relevant to portfolio returns over the next few quarters. Our clients, ranging from some of the largest global multi-asset managers to US hedge funds and Asian family offices, tell us that the coverage of key markets trends is unusually thought provoking and cohesive. Above all, we make distinctive market calls and stand behind them. 


The team is led by founder Sean Maher, who began his career as an analyst with leading commodity market consultancy CRU Group. He has since worked as an equity PM with RLAM, the asset management arm of the UK's largest mutual insurer, in investment banking research with WestLB and Nomura and as consultant economist to the HK based Pacific Basin Economic Council. He is a regular speaker at investment conferences, is a member of the CFA Institute and was shortlisted for the 2018 Society of Business Economists' Rybzcynski prize. 

For Asian clients, an abridged simplified Mandarin version of the core research product is available. 

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Recent Thematic Research 

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  • Pharmaceuticals Evolving Into 'Biological Software' via mRNA and Immunology

  • Energy Transition to Trigger Supply Crisis Without Grid Storage Breakthrough ​

  • NFTs and Zero Trust Computing Enter Corporate Mainstream

  • Which 'Second Mover' Auto OEMs Will Re-Rate Next on Credible EV Roadmap?

  • Renewables Intermittency to Drive Nuclear Renaissance 

Client Services

  • Overnight comment and in-depth weekly macro analysis reports by subscription

  • Regular roadshow meetings and ad hoc conference calls

  • Bespoke outsourced macro research for third-party clients

  • Conference and client 'off site' presentations and speeches